Our nursery meals are cooked fresh on site.  We also promote

self-service, which encourages choice and independence.

Nap Time

We aim to meet the needs of all our children. In order to help with a smoother transition for both child and parent, we'll ensure we follow the child's home routine.


Children participate in fun activities and learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.

Tea Time

The children will enjoy a little something, intended to fill the gap between lunch and their evening meal.

Home Time

We take this opportunity to provide parents and carers with feedback of their child’s day.  Our aim is to provide a little insight into the day's activities - including learning achievements; eat and sleep routine and any WoW! moments. We'll provide this verbally and in writing.

Morning Start

We welcome our children into the nursery and also use this opportunity to talk with parents and carers about their child.

The children will sit down for breakfast, where we encourage a little more independence through self-serve.

Snack Time

We enjoy fresh fruit; snack biscuits; milk and water.

A typical day in the life at Bellissima…