Our Managing Director...

Kelly Parker

Kelly is the managing director for Bellissima Nurseries.  Having worked alongside the company owners since 2014, Kelly has worked hard to create and maintain an outstanding standard of practise, environment, and all-round culture for both nursery settings.  Having completed her Foundation Degree in 2015 Kelly has driven Bellissima forward with its vision for all children accessing a fun, friendly and educational environment.

Kelly is keen and passionate about early years, and this has always been the case ever since she left secondary school.

Kelly is now a mum of 2 boys under the age of 5. Having now had children of her own has opened Kelly’s eyes to the wider context of early years from a parents point of view and not just the professional aspects of running early years settings. Having realised a lot of families can be unsupported by their health visitors, Kelly aims to ensure that all parents feel warm, welcomed, cared for and importantly, supported.

Kelly is known for being organised and being supportive for the children, staff, and parents. Kelly ensures that all her team are pushed to the best of their abilities and she will always support them to reach their goals.